The Hullabaloo on Blogging

I never got it. Heck, I still don’t get it. Why are blogs so popular? Why do people find the need to write about their mundane lives? Even more puzzling, why do people find the need to read about other people’s mundane lives!? All these questions for naught. It seems no matter how much it disgusts me, I’m going to give in, but for a specific reason.

I’m going to use this blog as a way to help drive traffic to my online portfolio. Also, working as a full-time web designer, I’ve discovered that whenever I can’t figure something out, I google it. More often than not, I end up on a blog site, reading someone else’s CSS trick that saves my life. Well, by now, I seem to have quite a few tricks up my own sleeve, so why not unite them under one roof?

From recent issues I’ve dealt with, here are a few of my upcoming posts that you can look forward to:

Other suggestions are always welcome. We’ll see how I do with moderating/reading comments. Please feel free to make requests.

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