AJAX: Wait Here Just A Minute

The best thing about Ajax is you can get brand new content on a page without having to reload it. The worst thing about ajax is people aren’t entirely used to waiting for content if they don’t see a page reload. Well, there is a quick and easy solution for that problem: animated gifs! In the beginnings of the web, animated gifs were used to make flashing titles that somehow everyone thought were the bee’s knees. Now that those are thankfully out of fashion, we can use animated gifs as an indicator that the website is “thinking”. The average web user won’t understand what all this AJAX stuff is doing in the background, all they need is something to tell them to wait just a little bit. Here are a few examples that I created using an awesome AJAX loading gif generator:

Oooh, that’s pretty. But maybe something more simple?

I like the simplicity, but it is too circly. Fix it designer!

And here’s a bar that could be used to indicate more of a “progress” concept instead of a “loading” concept:

I can guarantee that you’ve seen these types of images all over the web, and now you know why. It is possible people will implement these animated gifs for other purposes, but mostly, you’ll just experience them because of AJAX. Now go have fun making your own!

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