Making A Website From Start To Finish – Introduction

I’m a self-taught web designer. I have learned almost exclusively from online tutorials, like the ones that I’ve written in the past. When there is a question I have, I Google it. There is a lot I was forced to learn from various projects I was working on, and a lot I chose to learn through my own inquisitive nature. But the one thing that I was never able to read about, was how it all came together. I never really had a good place to go to that helped me figure out if I had covered all my bases for an individual website project. I figured it might be helpful to write up a blog post (or multiple, because this is just way too long for one post) that explained the process of making a website from start to finish. At the end of this series, I’ve made a downloadable checklist to help ensure that for each website project you are working on, you’ve handled each item that needs to get done.

In Part 1, I’ll go over the initial phase of a website. I toyed with calling it ideation stage, the design stage, or the setup stage, but in reality, it covered a lot of different issues, and it just wasn’t fair to do that. Here’s what we’ll cover in Part 1:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Hosting and Domain Name Setup
  • Color Palette Creation
  • Branding (Logos and Icons)
  • Developing a Site Architecture
  • Initial Designs

In Part 2, I’ll go over the initial setup of the development of the website. In particular, because I’m a big supporter of using WordPress for most websites, I’ll go over how to install and setup WordPress on your non hosted website. Here’s the list:

  • Determining CMS Needs
  • Installing and Setting Up WordPress
  • Building Out Site Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building and Marketing

In Part 3, I’ll go over the actual development of the website and optimization of the website. Yes, that is a two parter! You can’t just make the website, you’ve got to follow up and make sure that what you made is working effectively.

  • Database Design and Creation
  • Site Development
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Publishing Your Website
  • Installing Analytics
  • A/B Testing, Data Analysis, and Site Optimization

Some of those items have quite a bit of sub items, while others are very simple in nature. Head on over to Part 1 of making a website from start to finish to learn about the initial stages.

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