Always Free And Always Light: JQuery Plugins

JQuery plugin authors have a tendency (a good tendency) to build their plugin while trying to account for every possible usage scenario. I myself use many plugins that fit in this category and I think it certainly serves a great purpose in strengthening usability across the web. However, I think there is also room for very simple, clean, and light plugins that don’t add extraneous code that small numbers of developers actually need. That’s why I’ve developed a few light plugins that are free for the public and don’t add extra code burdens onto small sites that just want a little interaction.

List Collapse

This plugin allows you to collapse ordered or unordered lists while still showing a certain number of items. It is useful on pages where you have a lot of lists, but want to save space while still giving people some functionality of a few list items. It uses a CSS class to apply the collapse javascript which makes it easy to style and ensures it degrades well without javascript.

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Textbox Watermark

This plugin allows you to apply a watermark of your choice to input fields and textareas, and even handles password fields securely. It degrades without javascript by using the title attribute of the input/textarea field. It uses a CSS class to apply the watermark, making styling very easy. Best of all, because most watermark plugins include optional settings that no one uses, this plugin stays very light because it handles most use cases in a standard manner.

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